Exotic Rainforest Boudoir in St. Croix | Violet

Rainforest boudoir?  Yep, that’s the newest form of boudoir I can add to my repertoire.  Here’s how it happened…

rainforest boudoir

What to do in St. Croix

If you’re looking for something to do in St. Croix, I highly recommend visiting the rainforest.  While in St. Croix, Jeff and I stayed at a vacation rental apartment in Frederiksted.  Our hosts, Kathy and Randy, recently purchased another property in the rainforest up Estate Spring Garden in the rain forest above Frederiksted.  The future Spring Garden Eco Village and Glamping will be a self-sustained, off-grid eco camp, with mountain bike trails, camping, glamping, hiking, and history.  The property is full of unique ruins and buildings that have been abandoned and overgrown by St. Croix’s dense and lush jungle vegetation.  They offered to take us there for a photo shoot, and of course we could not turn it down!

When we were there a few weeks ago (February 2021), they had just gotten a Jeep trail cleared about halfway to the first two sets of buildings.  We hiked in the rest of the way with our gear.  It was an easy hike for all involved, except for our rolling camera bag, which Jeff carried like a champ.  In the few short weeks since our shoot, they’ve already cleared a drivable trail all the way to these buildings, and are working on more.  Kathy sent me aerial photos of a sugar mill ruin they’ve found on their property as well.  St. Croix was once home to over 200 sugar plantations during the colonial era; the stone towers of the sugar mills still dot the landscape all over the island.  I’m eager to keep up on their progress with this unique island destination.

The scenery was breathtaking — a grove of creaking bamboo trees… colorful bougainvillea, giant philodendron, bromeliads and air plants, creeping vines, and more.

Back to the Rainforest Boudoir shoot…

We met our model, Violet, near the entrance to the property.  Since we knew that hiking would be involved, we waited to do any hair and makeup styling until we made it to our first shoot location.  Tyler Kent was a pro at doing full makeup under a grove of bamboo trees in the middle of the rainforest!  A few other photographers and videographers were with us, and each had their own vision for how to photograph Violet.  Obviously, my goal was boudoir, but others did more fashion and editorial looks with her.  Violet was a champ and easily switched from fine art nude, to being wrapped in blue tulle, to a boho-inspired hat and bodysuit combo, to spooky nudes in a dilapidated ruin.

Here are my favorite photos from the shoot!

outdoor boudoir
outdoor boudoir
outdoor boudoir
rainforest boudoir
rainforest boudoir
rainforest boudoir
rainforest boudoir
rainforest boudoir

Want Destination Boudoir?

If you have a dream to do boudoir in a unique location, we can help! Have passport, will travel. Contact me (Lori) to share your vision, and let’s plan a beautiful shoot!

Our Destination Boudoir Team:

Model: Violet
Shoot Location: Spring Garden Eco Village and Glamping (coming soon!)
Photography by indigosilver studio
Makeup by Tyler Kent Salon


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