5 Reasons You Need a New Headshot


5 Reasons You Need a New Headshot

Has it been so long since your last headshot that your clients don’t recognize you? Or worse, is your headshot just a selfie in the car or at the beach? Your headshot is one of the most powerful tools in your brands arsenal. It’s your first impression… It’s your digital handshake. Below are 5 reasons you should book a new headshot today!



1. Your Headshot Portrays Trust and Professionalism

When your clients are looking to hire a professional in your field of work, your headshot could very well be the reason someone picks up the phone and calls you. Clients want to know that they are hiring a professional, and expert in their field and more importantly, someone they can trust.



2. It Shows Your Personality

No matter what type of work you’re in, your personality comes into play and each profession will have it’s own feel. Accountants may want to feel friendly and approachable with a warm smile, Realtors may want to show the confidence and success it take to sell a million dollar home and a criminal attorney will want to fee intimidating and powerful. No matter what your profession is, you’re headshot will reflect who you are, which leads me into my next point, your personal brand.



3. You are Your Brand

In the age of entrepreneurship, businesses are opening (and closing) at unprecedented rates. This has lead many consumers to be weary of who they do business with. This means people want to do business with a person, rather than a brand whenever possible. So people tend to hire people who they like, know, and trust!



4. It Puts a Face to a Name

Since people book who they like, know, and trust, it’s important that people remember who you are. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a networking event and met someone only to forget two days later. By having a professional headshot, it ties the name to the face and eliminates the “I’d probably know them if I saw them” we often hear when we ask a colleague if they know someone.



5. Promotes a Sense of Confidence

Finally, one of the most important reasons to have a new headshot is the confidence it brings! When you look good, you feel good and having a great headshot that you’re proud of can make you feel amazing! Posting a shiny new headshot on social media will also spark of comments and likes and who doesn’t like that!



So how often should you refresh your headshot? That’s such a loaded question but at a minimum once per year should be fine. If you’re an influencer in an MLM type of business we recommend 3-4 times per year since your brand is heavily tied to you and your team. And speaking of teams, having your entire team photographed in the same style will bring a cohesive and consistent look to your brand.



If you’re interested in having us create a new headshot for you, connect with us and let’s chat about how we can make your brand stand out from the rest.


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