Now Offering Rainbow Bodyscapes

Rainbow / Unicorn / Mermaid / Colored Bodyscapes are here!

Before we explore colored bodyscapes, let’s first explain what a bodyscape is.  Bodyscapes are a unique sub-genre of boudoir photography.  They are usually photographed on a black background, and the nude subject is carefully lit such that the contours of the body almost resemble the peaks and valleys of a dramatic landscape.

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The great thing about bodyscapes is that they are artsy, great for wall portraits, and look amazing on ALL body types!  Below are a few of our recent favorite bodyscape examples.  These were photographed using traditional (white) lighting.

Now Introducing Rainbow Colored Bodyscapes

Indigosilver is now the proud owner of brand-new lighting technology that allows us to change the color of our lights to literally any color under the rainbow! Since most bodyscapes are photographed with either one or two studio lights, a bodyscape can now be crafted with up to two colors! These colors can be set to light opposite sides of the body for certain poses. For other poses, the lights create a continuous spectrum of the two colors. I’ve done a few of these colored bodyscapes now, and I am in LOVE! Here are some of my favorites:

So tell me: if you were going to do bodyscapes, would you do white light or would you choose a color or two?

Our Boudoir Transformation Team:

Photography by indigosilver studio
Hair and Makeup: Various

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