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I knew as soon as I finished the wedding consultation with Jessalyn and Marissa that we would be a great fit for each other.  They fit our ideal couple profile perfectly.  They are so laid back with so much personality it’s impossible not to feel like you’ve known them forever, even after a short phone call!  Lori and I were so excited to tell their story but here’s a little more about how this journey started in their words.

HOW and WHEN did you meet?
We met because Jessalyn’s cousins are STALKERS!!! Lol! Both of her cousins knew of Marissa ( a local radio host ) from their circles. Neither knew her very well…but somehow convinced her to go to a random Halloween party in 2018. Jessalyn met Marissa in a full face of dog makeup ( yes, including a painted dog tongue!) A local band was playing while they caught up on the conversation in between songs. A few days later they went for coffee and have been inseparable ever since.

Tell us about your first date!
We went to a local Mexican restaurant where we talked so much we didn’t even eat the free chips and salsa! We talked and talked until we realized they had closed and asked us to leave!

Tell us about your proposal! When? Where? How?
Marissa took Jessalyn up to Kinzu Bridge where the gusts of wind were past 50mph! It was supposed to be sunny and warm…but it was NOT! Both of them froze together and laughed as their hair and hats flew all around. Marissa walked up a path and called for Jessalyn to follow. She got down on one knee and struggled to pull the ring box out of her pockets so much so that Jessalyn thought she was being punkd! Once the ring was out…tears started flowing and their happily ever after officially started.

Now, tell us about your amazing wedding!

Wedding date

How many guests are you expecting?

Why did you choose the venues that you chose?
We love Topsail!

Let’s talk about your ceremony! Vows, Traditions, anything…. We want to know.
We will be getting married on the 15 anniversary of Jessalyn’s father’s passing. It has been a sad day for many years and we wanted to honor him and include him in a way that made sense.

Why did you choose the colors in your wedding?
We both love sage green and peach and how they complement each other!

What’s the biggest challenge you face while planning your wedding?
COVID causes many ups and downs for us, as it did with everyone. Planning a wedding can be stressful, let alone a destination wedding during a pandemic. But we just stuck to it and made the most of what opportunities we were given.

Photographer’s note:  If you’re having trouble planning your wedding due to COVID, check out our featured blog “5 tips to planning a COVID friendly wedding“.

Enjoy some of our favorite images from the wedding.

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