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We’re so excited to be working with Kate and Marc this coming weekend for their wedding! Their ceremony and reception will be at the always gorgeous Airlie Gardens. With event design by Kickstand Events, this is sure to be #weddinginspiration for the masses.

Meanwhile, we’re happy to show you Kate and Marc’s engagement pictures. This couple wanted their images to reflect their fun-loving and relaxed nature. Also, you know how people talk about making a major commitment as “taking the plunge”? Well, Kate had the great idea of literally taking the plunge for their Save-the-Date pictures! Now I know that all the cool kids use “literally” when they actually meant “figuratively”… a trend my inner grammar snob will never understand. So know that when I say they literally took the plunge… they literally. took. the. plunge. In the water. On camera. I love it.

Here’s some of our favorites. Enjoy!

Wilmington Wedding Photography and Engagement Pictures by indigosilver studio

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