Ms. R | Is That Really Me?

High quality, classy finished images. Lori was also wonderful during our consult and made me feel comfortable.

That I wouldn’t look good. I hate photos of myself and I’m heavier than I normally am and was worried I wouldn’t see myself the way I wanted to in the images.

Amazing! I feel beautiful again and strong. Some of the photos blew me away to the point I had to ask her “Is that really me?!”. Now I’m telling all my girlfriends to do it!

Viewing the images and being blown by how beautiful they were. Being pampered in hair and makeup with a mimosa wasn’t so bad either 🙂

That it’ll change how you see yourself entirely and that alone is so worth it! I didn’t even come in for that reason, I came in as a gift to my future husband but what I got out of it was definitely way more for me than it is for him but, shhhh don’t tell him!

Warned me a little more ahead that the contortions would probably make you sore the next day! She did mention having a massage during the break in the day was a good idea but now I know why! A little more styling/accessory help may be useful especially for anyone without an eye for fashion and more info on where to get them. There are resources on the FB group which was helpful but maybe more resources?



Our Boudoir Transformation Team:

Photography by indigosilver studio
Hair and Makeup by Tess Wheatley at Meraki Beauty

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