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I’ve always wanted to do a boudoir shoot and actually had booked one about a year ago and cancelled (with someone else).   I know several of the clients from indigosilver and thought I would try again.  After, reviewing the website, Facebook post  and reading all the wonderful reviews I knew indigosilver was the right choice.  Had a blast and new found respect for models who have to arch their back.  


Probably the biggest part I was nervous about was being “half” naked in front of the camera/photographer.  Lori, you made me feel so comfortable and that everyone is beautiful in their own way.  


I definitely look at myself differently in a good way.  I gained some new self confidence that I needed and was hoping that boudoir shoot would do this….mission accomplished.  


There were many “favorite” parts…..the music was on point.  Hair and makeup by Mrs. Lugo was fun and knowing so many of the same people, learning how to pose….which looks easy but definitely not.   Most of all, working with you (Lori) and your interaction was priceless.  It was definitely a judgement free zone and felt so comfortable. 


YOU GOTTA DO IT!!!  Trust me, you may think it’s intimidating and “you don’t have the body” for it, BUT YOU DO!!!   It’s a great experience. 


Don’t change a thing!!!  It was a wonderful experience and had the best time working with you.  I’ll be back for round 2 very soon!!!! 



Our Boudoir Transformation Team:

Photography by indigosilver studio
Hair and Makeup by Adrianne Lugo

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