Off to a late start

Well, the moving company was supposed to arrive between noon and 4, but didn’t actually arrive until 5:30! Jeff and I spent the next four hours loading up the truck. Jeff is a packing guru! He had every box and piece of furniture fit together like a puzzle! All my belongings fit into 7 feet of truck space, which is good since the moving company charges by the foot. Anyway, by the time 9:30 rolled around, we were absolutely pooped and dreading the 8 to 9 hour drive to our first stop in the Grand Canyon. We got as far north as Oceanside, where my mom lives, and decided to stay the night with her and Louie. We’ll be on the road bright and early tomorrow.

We’re jeff
& Lori

Carolina-based LUXURY BOUDOIR and WEDDING photographers

Our love of photography brought us together when we met at a photography conference over a decade ago. Today, Jeff is indigosilver’s lead wedding photographer, while Lori focuses on boudoir portraiture.

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