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PPNC State Photographic Competition

Professional Photographers of North Carolina is our state’s professional guild.  This organization offers photographers resources such as industry networking, continuing education, and more. Each year, PPNC hosts a statewide photographic competition for its members. The best images are selected for the state Court of Honor, and then from these, the top images in each category are selected for further awards.

Indigosilver’s Competition Results

This year, we are proud to announce, indigosilver turned out a stellar performance at the state competition!  Between Jeff and Lori, the studio brought home a total of 17 Court of Honor photographs and albums.  Of these, 2 were selected for First Place within their respective categories, 5 received Second Place, 3 received Third Place, and 1 received an Honorable Mention.

Jeff and Lori together submitted a wedding album into the Multi-Maker Wedding Album category (meaning more than one photographer) and brought home Second Place in that category!  Albums are judged not just on one image, but a collection of several images that must ALL be worthy of the Court of Honor!  In addition to image quality, albums are also judged on design aesthetic.

Having an album in the Court of Honor is already a huge accomplishment — We are THRILLED to have created the second-best wedding album in the state! Here is a photo of the actual album.  Click here to see the full album design, make sure you click the arrow on the far right of your screen to open the album!

“Megan and Andy” – Second Place, Wedding: Multi-Maker Album



  • Of the 10 images and albums that Lori submitted, ALL TEN were selected for the state Court of Honor!  Of these, Lori won…
  • First Place in the Non-Wedding Album category (again judged for all the images therein, as well as design),
  • Second Place for a wedding-related image NOT taken on the wedding day,
  • Second Place for the Multi-Maker wedding album mentioned above,
  • Third Place in Wedding Day Candid,
  • Third Place in Portrait: Women, and
  • Honorable Mention also in Portrait: Women.

Scroll below to see Lori’s images, then keep scrolling to see Jeff’s!

“Miss D”- First Place, Non-Wedding Album


“Bridal Boudoir”- 2nd Place, Wedding: Non-Wedding Day


“Many Hands”- 3rd Place, Wedding: Candid


“Emerald Goddess”- 3rd Place, Portrait: Women


“Saturday Vibes”- Honorable Mention, Portrait: Women



  • Of the 11 images and albums that Jeff submitted, EIGHT were selected for the state Court of Honor!  Of these, Jeff won…
  • First Place in High School Senior,
  • Second Place for the Multi-Maker wedding album mentioned above,
  • Second Place for Portrait: Men,
  • Second Place for Fine Art, and
  • Second Place for Commercial!

These awards qualified Jeff to receive his Fellowship Degree from PPNC – a huge accomplishment!

Scroll below to see Jeff’s images, then keep scrolling to see a slideshow of all the state winners!

“Face Off”- 1st Place, High School Senior


“The Body Builder” – 2nd Place, Portrait: Men


“Vertical Landing”- 2nd Place, Fine Art/Pictorial


“Plated”- 2nd Place, Commercial


View the Slideshow

Want to see all of the winners from the State competition? Check out this slideshow video, announcing the winners!


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