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We had such a great time photographing Rachael and Derrick’s beautiful Ocean Isle Beach Wedding.  The weather could not have been perfect for a beach wedding.  Rachael and Derrick chose Southern Comfort, one of the many “venue homes” offered by Luxury Lodging by Laura for the event.  The day could not have been more perfect and they chose to end the day by trashing the dress, which was a total surprise to Derrick!  Read more about their story below and see some of our favorite images from the day.

We met freshman year of high school at the rival football game. We were sort of in similar friend groups but didn’t really cross paths often until junior year and then starting dating beginning of that summer before senior year.

The first date happened after the last day of school junior year happened. We went putt-putting and then to ice cream afterward!

Derrick proposed on July 26th, 2019. There had been previous talks about rings, upcoming proposals, etc. Derrick asked Rachael to come over and then go out with friends, and was REALLY insistent on it (so naturally Rachael knew something was up). She went to his house after work (after taking time to dress slightly better than usual and put a little more effort into looking nice than perhaps she would have on a casual night out with friends). Dinner and drinks were had, and eventually, it was time to go home (they did have a vacation to leave for the next day!). Rachael was dropping Derrick off and he said wait come inside I want to show you something (~cue act of cluelessness but also not wanting to get hopes up tooo much just in case~). And then voila! Derrick said “I can’t wait any longer” and knelt down and proposed 8 hours after picking up the ring from the jewelers! Then commenced the beach wedding planning!

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Chose a beach home on Ocean Isle Beach 1) Because Derrick had been working for YEARS to convince my family (mainly Rachael’s mother) to do a beach wedding and it worked. and 2) Rachael’s family had vacationed on the West Side of Ocean Isle Beach for years, knew and loved the area, so decided that it would be a great place!

SHORT SWEET and to the point! Though, we are doing a sand unity ceremony piece.

All beach theme! It IS on the beach of course (;

Chose slate blue, green, and white because the colors were still fitting with the beach theme, yet had an elegance to them at the same time.

Looking forward to the reception the most – especially after the intensive social isolation we’ve been experiencing. (thanks COVID!)

The biggest challenge would have to be, as the bride and groom, living in Texas, with our family all in the Ohio/Michigan area, and planning a wedding in North Carolina. Lots of logistics involving geographics!

Vendor Team

Venue: Southern Comfort
Planner/Florals: Laura Ann Evco
Hair Stylist: Adrianne Lugo
Catering: Coastal Catering and Events
DJ: Atlantic Premier Entertainment

Ocean Isle Beach Wedding


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