We’re having such a great time in California. We’ve gotten to see lots of old friends and family, and even booked a wedding a couple days ago! Andy and Lesley will be our first official West Coast destination wedding in June!

Today, Jeff and I drove up to see our friends’ new studio in Murrieta. Brandy and Amy started construction/renovation on their studio not long after we opened ours, and I was excited to see the fruits of their hard work in person. Their new studio is amazing, and I am so excited for the direction they are headed. Good things await for them!

Since their studio was only a couple freeway exits from Temecula, I thought I’d take Jeff wine tasting in SoCal’s wine country. Temecula’s weather and topography is very similar to the Tuscan countryside, which makes it perfect for growing grapes for those deep earthy reds Jeff and I both love.

Of course, this field trip marked the one day of rain we had during our whole SoCal vacation, but we had a great time anyway.

Jeff seemed enthralled with the various citrus groves throughout the area as well. Having been born in Orange County, I never found them all that unusual, but come to think of it, there are not many orange trees in NC!

Well, this was our last SoCal adventure for this trip. Tomorrow we fly to Las Vegas for the annual Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) convention! Can’t wait!!!

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