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Oh how I miss San Diego! 75 degrees and Sunny has greeted us this week! It is great seeing friends and family again.

Today, my niece Zoie asked for some photography lessons. She says mom won’t buy her a camera until she learns to use one first! So, we walked to the park and I gave her a crash course in photography.

For those who understand the techno-jargon, we practiced with a Canon 5D Mk II and a 24-70 lens. Within about 20 minutes, I taught Zoie about aperture, shutter speed, the Rule of 3rds, depth of field, and finding portrait light. Then, over the next hour or two, she photographed everything you see below in full manual exposure. She decided for herself whether she was looking for an aperture or shutter speed related effect, metered and set her exposure, focused-and-recomposed… For those who don’t know- that’s pretty awesome! There are some professional photographers that struggle with these concepts!

All of these pictures have had only minor cropping and exposure adjustments in Lightroom.

Shallow Depth of Field (where only one thing is in focus, and everything else is blurry) and Rule of 3rds composition:

Focus fall-off:

Freezing motion with fast shutter speeds:

Portrait lighting in harsh sunny conditions:

The budding artist:

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