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So you’re engaged and the big question is…. Engagement pictures?  Or not?

At indigosilver, we can answer with a resounding Yes!  Read on to hear why we think engagement pictures are an absolute must.

reasons to have engagement pictures

Why should we get engagement pictures made?

There are lots of great answers to why, in the midst of all the fury of wedding planning, you need to get an e-sesh.  In fact, we think they’re so important, that ALL Signature commissions includes a free mini engagement session!   Here’s why…

3. Practice makes Perfect

wilmington engagement picturesLet’s face it: having your picture taken can be awkward.  I mean, unless you and your fiance are actual models, you probably don’t have a whole lot of experience posing and making different facial expressions for the camera.  And you don’t really know your photographer all that well.  Well, that’s kind of the point!  An engagement session gets you used to posing, laughing, kissing, and hugging in front of the camera.

wilmington engagement photographersYou get to practice when there’s no pressure, with tons of feedback from us.  Meanwhile, guess what?  We’re studying you.  Not in a creepy stalker way, but we are learning how you two interact, what makes you smile, what kind of lighting brings out your features, and which side is your best side.  Now,  by the time the wedding day rolls around, we all know how to create great images together.

2. Guest Books, Save-the-Dates, and Gift Prints; oh my!

Of course, there’s a very practical reason to do an engagement session: You need images for some really cool wedding-related items.  For example, most couples plan to have a guest signature book at their wedding.  But what would you rather have: the white satin-covered book with lines in it for “Name” and Date”?  How about a sweet ostrich leather-bound book with pictures of the two of you, with blank areas for your guests to write their best wishes? 


Well if you chose the second option, you’re going to need an e-session first.

How about those Save-the-Dates?  Do you really want the first picture your relatives see of you as an engaged couple to be a blurry cell phone picture printed on a card?  How about a custom-designed vintage postcard featuring an image of the two of you in your favorite date-spot?  Much better.

engagement pictures custom save the date postcard by indigosilver

Your engagement pictures can be used in a ton of other creative ways:  Display them at the wedding.  Use them on your wedding website.  Social media profiles.  Gift prints for parents and grandparents.  And don’t forget, inviting and fun art for the walls of your home.

But the biggest reason to get engagement pictures is…

1. The Real You, Right Now

LGBTQ engagement pictures

On your wedding day, the two of you are going to have gorgeous images in your fancy clothes.  It’s an incredibly important day that needs to be documented.  Your wedding photography is meant to tell the story of the day you started your new life together.

black engagement picturesBut if your wedding photography is about a day, engagement photography is about your relationship.  This is your chance to document a tiny window of time during which your entire lives change.  This is where you capture the real you and the quirks that make your relationship unique.  His hipster beard, her crooked smile.  Your sports team rivalry.  How you spend your Saturdays.  Where you first met.  All of this is part of your unique story, and your story deserves to be told.
sexy engagement pictures
These images aren’t just for today’s enjoyment, they’re tomorrow’s history.  Someday you’ll show these pictures to your grandkids and say, “This was your grandfather and I at the beginning.”

That is what engagement pictures are all about.

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