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The best weddings are those in which the style of the day matches the couples’ personalities. We all know that weddings have lots of supposed tos. Every culture has its own traditions that make weddings so recognizable. Everyone’s supposed to get dressed up. The bride and groom are supposed to feel and act very somber for the lifetime commitment they are about to make. There’s supposed to be this, there’s supposed to be that.

Over time, we’ve seen traditions change as couples decided the supposed tos aren’t for them. Church weddings became beach weddings. Guest seating charts became tent cards, which became creative favors with names attached. At indigosilver, our favorite weddings are those in which the couple finds ever more unique ways of representing themselves in the celebration of the day, rather than sticking with the cookie-cutter method. For Toria and Denny, it meant injecting a little lighthearted irreverence into a day traditionally heavy with seriousness. A quick look at the couple’s Facebook pages will tell you serious isn’t for them – in their profile pictures, they’re wearing masks and wigs; Toria’s recent status update lets the world know, “I love driving through puddles.”

The wedding day was no different, and it shows in the photographs! Sassy pictures for the camera were barely taken with a straight face. The couple’s emotional reveal was quickly followed with bursts of laughter and silly poses. All smiles throughout the ceremony. No fancy guest book with a feather pen; instead, the couple left out a pile of assorted postcards for guests to sign and place in a decorated mailbox. Guests were encouraged to have a good time on the dance floor by being provided “Flip Flops for Floozie Flingin'”. Props from the couples’ photo booth floated around the room and encouraged the silliness.

Ed. note: since Toria and Denny booked their wedding, indigosilver has created the indigobooth, which is available for rental!

Here are our favorites from the wedding day, including both the serious and the silly. Enjoy!

Here’s what Toria had to say on our Facebook page Reviews about working with us:

BEST IDEA EVER! You guys were my first vendor that I went with for the wedding. Now, I just think of you guys as friends. The creativity, the personalities and just all around experience has been outstanding. Jeff, Lori and Lesley have just blown me away! I know that we will keep coming back for more and keep recommending you guys….amazing!!

We had a great time with you, too!

The Wedding of Toria and Denny, starring…
Bride: Victoria Wagner
Groom: Dennis Freytag
Gown: David’s Bridal
Ceremony and Reception Venue: Hilton Wilmington Riverside
Day-of Coordination: Haleigh Beyer, Hilton Wilmington Riverside
Officiant: Penelope Morningstar, Coastal Carolina Ceremonies
Flowers: Moxie Floral Design Studio (click the link to see our Vendor Spotlight on Moxie)
Music: DJ Brian Hood
Bakery: Imaginary Friends Bakery

…and photography by indigosilver!

We’re jeff
& Lori

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Our love of photography brought us together when we met at a photography conference over a decade ago. Today, Jeff is indigosilver’s lead wedding photographer, while Lori focuses on boudoir portraiture.

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